II International Moscow Congress of ophthalmologists strabismologists “New technologies in strabismus diagnostics and treatment”

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Chair of the organizing committee

Igor Aznauryan

MD, PhD, Dr Sc, Professor
President of the Association for Ophthalmology and Strabismus in Russia
Founder and Head of the Association of Pediatric Ophthalmology Clinics «Yasnyi Vzor»

Members of the organizing committee

Victoria Balasanyan

Vice president of the Association for Ophthalmology and Strabismus in Russia
Head of the clinical department in Association of Pediatric Ophthalmology Clinics «Yasnyi Vzor»

Olga Zhukova

MD, PhD, Dr Sc
Chief pediatric ophthalmologist of the Volga Federal District

Igor Plisov

MD, PhD, Dr Sc
Head of the 3rd ophthalmological department of the Novosibirsk branch of the Federal State Institution “Eye Microsurgery” named after academician S.N. Fedorov

Natalya Popova

MD, PhD, Dr Sc, Professor, Honored Doctor of Russian Federation

Vice president for scientific work of the Association for Ophthalmology and Strabismus in Russia

Head of the department of ophthalmology at the Scandinavia clinic in St. Petersburg

Elena Markova

Chairman of the Publishing Committee of the Association for Ophthalmology and Strabismus in Russia

MD, PhD, Dr Sc, Professor

Head of the Pediatric Department of Microsurgery and Functional Rehabilitation of the Eye in Federal State Institution “Eye Microsurgery” named after academician S.N. Fedorov

Konstantin Puzyrevskiy

Head of the DOK. Puzyrevsky Clinic, Chief Pediatric Ophthalmologist of Novosibirsk

Executive Secretary of the Association for Ophthalmology and Strabismus in Russia

Sati Agagulyan

12.00 –12.30 Congress Opening

Aznauryan Igor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences of the Russian Federation, founder and head of the system of children’s eye clinics “Yasnyi Vzor” in Russia, President of the Association For Ophthalmology and Strabismus in Russia.

12.30 – 13.00

Lecture: Popova N.A. Vertical strabismus diagnostic

13.00-13.05 Break


Lecture: Livadina M.A. Program for slowing the progression of myopia “Bright Future” with MiSight lenses 1 day

13.25-13.35 Break


13.35-13.55 Poster session

Moderator Agagulyan S.G.

 Vydrina A. A., Trifanenkova I. G., Tereshenkova M. S.

The effectiveness of chemodenervation in the treatment of various types of acute esotropia

Gladysheva G. V., Plisov I. L., Antsiferova N. G., Mamulat D. R.

Latent nystagmus – an optometrist’s view

Rychkova S. I., Likhvantseva V. G.

Paradoxical monocular fusion in patients with unstable concomitant strabismus

Kalankhodzhayeva D. B., Babadzhanova L. D., Musabayeva R. Sh., Ikromova Iroda Sherzod kizi

Stages of surgical treatment of mixed strabismus in children

Terekhova T. V.

The effectiveness of tenomyoplasty in combination with a duplicate of the rectus muscles of the eye in the surgical treatment of large angles of concomitant strabismus in children and adolescents

Muravyeva G. V., Trifanenkova I. G., Tereshchenkova M. S., Vydrina A. A.

The role of chemodenervation in the treatment of severe amblyopia combined with non- concomitant esotropia (clinical case)

Ushnikova O. A., Ushnikov A. N.

Analysis of surgical treatment of strabismus and evaluation of the results obtained, based on the ophthalmological department of the Children’s Regional Clinical Hospital of Rostov-on-Don

13.55-14.05 Break


Session “Surgical treatment of strabismus”

Each speaker – 7 minutes

Co-chairs: Aznauryan I. E., Popova N. A., Zhukova O. V.

Moderator: Balasanyan V. O.


Lipunova O. A., Plisov I. L., Antsifirova N. G.

«Exophoria associated with horizontal nystagmus»


Balasanyan V. O., Kudryashova E. A., Mareeva E. A., Aznauryan I. E.

«Tactics of surgical treatment of patients with nystagmus and associated concomitant convergent strabismus»


Lecture: Ostanina I. A., Miguel D. V., Roselo K. N. M., Sidorenko E. E..

« Recovery of visual functions in children with permanent nystagmus after chemodenervation of oculomotor muscles with botulinum toxin type A»


Markova E. Y., Avakyants G. V.

«Chemodenervation in the treatment of oculomotor disorders in children»


Kudryashova E. A., Balasanyan V. O., Aznauryan I. E.

«Turk-Duane-Stilling syndrome – patient management tactics»


Gorkin A. E., Danilov S. S., Popova N. A.

«Intermittent Brown’s syndrome».


Zhukova O. V., Zolotorev A. V.

«Tactics of surgical treatment of strabismus using an adjustable suture»

14.54 -15.10 Discussion

15.10-15.15 Break

15.15 – 15.35

Lecture Ushakov I. G. New technologies New Optic Italia


IPOSC Session

Organized by the International Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Council

Session 1

Co-chairs: Faruk Örge, Giovanni Marcon, Balasanyan Victoria  (Russia)

Duration – 1 hour

Each speaker – 7 minutes


Nikos Kozeis (Greece)

“Children with Severe Visual Impairment: Ocular Visual Impairment (OVI) vs Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI)”


Vincent Paris (Belgium)

“Excellent Results in the Treatment of Strabismic Amblyopia without the need of Visual Acuity Measurement”


Sharon Tow (Singapore)

“Acute Ocular Motility Disorders in Children – When to Worry”


Francisco Reich-d’Almeida (Portugal)

“Divergent Squint:  A Personal Perspective”


Liu Yao Lin (Taiwan)

“Treatment of Intermittent Exotropia: What We Know and Don’t Know by 2021”


Chan Choi Mun (Singapore)

“Future of Inherited Retinal Diseases”

16.27-16.35 Discussion

16.35-16.45 Break


Session 2

Co – chairs: Jason Yam, Sonal Farzavandi, Balasanyan Victoria

Duration – 1 hour

Each speaker – 7 minutes


Mohamad Jaafar (USA)

«Contralateral Inferior Oblique Overaction after Surgery for Unilateral Superior Oblique Palsy”


Miho Sato (Japan)

«Traumatic Superior Oblique Palsy”


Jon Peiter Saunte (Denmark)

«Oblique muscle surgery with adjustable sutures»


An – Guor Wang (Taiwan)

«Endoscopic Plication of Inferior Rectus for Traumatic Inferior Rectus Injury”


Galton Vasconcelos (Brazil)

“Sagging eye syndrome”


Chong Bin Tsai (Taiwan)

“Optimizing Outcomes of Nishida Procedure for Abducens Palsy”

17.27-17.45 Discussion

17.45-18.00 Break


AAPOS session

Organized by the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus

Co – chairs: Faruk Örge, Balasanyan Victoria

Duration – 2 hours

Each speaker – 10 minutes


Faruk Örge (USA)

«New Program to Track Patients with Amblyopia Daily»


Ayman Elghonemy (Egypt)

« Strabismus Surgeries Under 3D Microscope, New Era in Training and Teaching »


Jitendra Jethani (India)

«Upgrading Amblyopia Treatment from Occlusion:  New Options»


Millicent Peterseim (USA)

«Latest Vision Screening Technology – Detecting Strabismus»


Jaspreet Sukhija (India)

«Genetic Testing in Children with Lenticular Disorders»


Susana Gamio (Argentina)

«Video Oculography (VOG) as a Useful Tool for Diagnosis and Surgical Planning in Strabismus»


Alan Scott (USA)

«Treatment of Strabismus by Eye Muscle Injection»


Luis Javier Cardenas Lamas (Guadalajara)

«Two Different Techniques to Correct Residual Hypertropia»


Irene Ludwig (USA)

«Management of Consecutive Exotropia»


Marina Eisenberg (USA)

«Management of 4th Nerve Palsy»

19.40-20.00 Discussion

20.00 Congress closing


 September 17


Lecture: Aznauryan I. E. The possibilities of refractive surgery in children

11.40-11.50 Break


Satellite symposium “Slowing the progression of myopia, a modern view of the problem”


Abramov M.V. “Review of the clinical guidelines of the International Institute of Myopia”


Mareeva E.A. “Using MiSight 1 day therapeutic lenses to slow the progression of myopia (clinical experience)”

 12.45-12.50 Discussion

12.50-12.55 Break

12.55-13.25 The dark side of strabismus: what questions do I ask myself, but I can’t find the answer yet

Lecture: Plisov I. L.

13.25-13.30 Break


Session “Strabismus surgery and problems of patient rehabilitation”

Each speaker – 7 minutes

Presidium: Balasanyan V. O., Markova E. Y., Puzyrevsky K. G.

Moderator: Puzyrevsky K. G.


Pushchina V. B., Plisov I. L., Antsiferova N. G.

«Improving the examination of patients when planning surgical treatment of primary hyperfunction of the lower oblique muscles»


Leongardt T. A., Gorbachev D. S., Kulikov A. N., Kovalevskaya I.S., Kolbin A. A.

«Damage to the oculomotor muscles in case of an orbit injury»


Korolenko A.V., Oleshchenko I. G., Gasparyan M. A., Belyaev S. S. «Optimization of perioperative management in strabismus surgery in children»


Fedorova M. V., Puzyrevsky K. G.

«Treatment of binocular diplopia using Frenel prisms»


Bachaldina L. N., Rozanova O. I.

«Diplopia as a manifestation of visual system disadaptation in young patients with myopia»


Agagulyan S. G., Salihova A.R., Balasanyan V. O., Shpak A. A., Aznauryan I. E.

«Features of programming oscillating glasses for rehabilitation of patients with strabismus»

14.12-14.30 Discussion

14.30-15.00 Break


APOA Session

Organized by Asia Pacific Orthoptic Association

Each speaker – 10 minutes

Moderator: Zoran Pejic (Singapore)


Anna Horwood (United Kingdom)

«Role of Accommodation and AC/A ratio in accommodative and partially accommodative esotropia»


Isabel Reich-d Almeida (Portugal)

«Orthoptics in the Management team – “My approach to partially accommodative squint”»


Ron Biernacki (USA)

«Prism adaptation test PAT»


Michela Pattini (Italy)

«From the diagnosis to the resolution of the symptoms»


Zoran Pejic (Singapore)

«Esotropia on alternate day»

15.50-16.30 Discussion

16.30-16.35 Break


Lecture: Zhukova O.V. Some aspects of adjustable suture fixation in strabismus surgery

17.05-17.20 Congress closing

Aznauryan I. E., Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences of the Russian Federation, founder and head of the system of children’s eye clinics “Ясный взор” in Russia, President of the Association of Ophthalmologists  Strabismologists in Russia.

May 23 – deadline for admission of scientific papers to the congress June

June 7 – sending an information letter to participants

July 5 – the beginning of registration for the Congress

September 16 – opening of the Congress

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